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Your process, My process...

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Written by Casey

"Creativity takes courage."

― Henri Matisse

Creative Ministry is fun, it's challenging, and it does take a lot of courage. When you create for Ministry purposes, most of the time, you're at the mercy of other's demands. What's the color scheme, what's this supposed to speak to your audience, is there a different font you can use, I don't like the colors and so on.

Along with your "clients" suggestions and demands, you're also pressured to do "creative Ministry" a certain way. At times it feels like there is an unspoken expectation that if you're not using this computer, that software, this camera whatever the "it" may be, you aren't a " good creative." I have my preferences for equipment and software I use. I'm a PC guy, I like Sony cameras, I don't use Premiere for my video editing, I like android over apple. And what's funny is I can actually feel the raised eyebrows as you read this.

The point is that it doesn't really matter the tools you use. What matters is the end results. If you have a process that you're comfortable with, stay with it. Don't let other's opinions of preference deter you from your creative process. One of the most challenging aspects of creative church ministry is that we have adopted this mentality.

Go on most churches websites that are looking to hire someone in this field. What you're most likely going to see is a "requirement" for being well versed in the adobe software platform. Now, please don't misunderstand me, I use these platforms. However, there are a few apps in that ecosystem that I don't necessarily prefer. I feel like what we have done is put ourselves in a creative box when creativity is supposed to be freeing and liberating. No one would hire Picasso to paint a beautiful painting and only allow him to use specific tools to get the job done.

Now I will say, I get that it makes sense to look at these platforms. Most creatives are using x y and z. However, my encouragement is, don't cast judgment on someone's calling in the creative arts ministry because they don't follow your process. Look at the end result, look at their heart, their passion, look at what they create rather than how they create. As creatives, we all have our own process, and my process is going to look different than yours. That doesn't mean it's wrong.

"Do not neglect your gift." 1 Timothy 4:14

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