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"It's the little things that count!"

We've all heard it said, "It's the little things that count!" But nothing has taught me the incredible truth of that statement better than dealing with and processing so much loss this past year. This non-sentimental mama - the one who keeps next to nothing and may be a bit too quick to purge all the non-essential things - has found herself clinging to the simplest and silliest of items that are connected to simple memories.

So why a picture of a platter of cookies?

These past few weeks I have been missing my sister a little extra. I know she's gone. I'm aware she's not coming back. And I have total peace knowing she is happy, healthy, and whole in heaven. But sometimes....that sorrow just hits a little harder. A little stronger. As I was talking with my little sister about how much I selfishly wish Erika were still here with us I told her about how I've been thinking a lot lately about how Erika always had a cake plate of goodies on the counter for her family to enjoy. She shared the same memory and we laughed about how that same platter of sweet treats stuck out so clearly for us both! Such a simple thing and something that took so little effort (especially since her special treats were generally lives on so vividly in both of our memories! ♥️♥️ And then for mother's day this year, my little sister purchased me a cake platter that looks just like the one Erika had. ♥️♥️♥️. Now, not only will I proudly display some special goodies for MY family as a nod to my precious sister gone too soon, but each time I see that cake plate I will remember how much the little things truly do count!

The way you smile and simply say hello to your co-workers? You may be the brightest spot of joy in their day! The way you faithfully wash clothes and clean your house for your family? You are love and a servant's heart in action every single day to your spouse and your kids. The way you stick around a little later at that event to help make sure the host/hostess isn't left with all the clean-up? You may have just been the hands and feet of Jesus helping lift a weary and worn-out heart. That silly cake plate you fill regularly with store-bought treats? You may be imprinting on the hearts of those around you the importance of "the little things".

Friends. No matter if you are chasing big dreams, literally fighting for your life, or, in this season, you are "holding down the fort" as a stay at home mom please know - YOU MATTER and every single one of those "little things" that you show up and do every single day matter and have a greater impact than you will ever know!

To you mama's - keep showing up! Keep changing those diapers and packing those lunches, and doing those dishes for the zillionth time! You are making a difference! You business women - keep showing up! Keep kicking fear in the face, standing up proud, and letting your grit and talent shine through! You're making an impact! Those of you battling a terminal illness - keep showing up! Keep filling that plate with store-bought cookies, loving on your family, and giving God all the glory. You are leaving a legacy!

Can you imagine the legacy we would all leave if we simply learned to embrace, cherish, and celebrate the little things?

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