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Homeschool Survival Tips!!

Survival Tips from a Homeschool Mom-

If you are anything like me, it is SO tempting to wake up ready to start your day and just jump right into the list of tasks and to do's, expecting our kids brains to turn right on, ready to engage and learn on their own. It's especially tempting for those of us working from home. After all, we still have those responsibilities looming over us despite the fact that you have to now also homeschool your kiddos! Here are a few tips that have helped my go, go, go Homeschool, working mama self learn to teach and live from rest .

1- Start each morning with a moment of calm!!! Whether that be your kiddos reading a book (or coloring in a coloring book if they don't yet read) while eating breakfast or simply sitting on the sofa reading their Bible's. You have to remember that on a normal school day they have quite a bit of time in the mornings for their brains to WAKE UP! They get up, get ready, eat breakfast, drive/ride to school, chat with friends before class...the list goes on. When at home they walk from their bed to the living room. That's it! Give them (and their brains!!) time to wake up before jumping into all the things! (SIDE NOTE - THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME FOR YOU TO KNOCK OUT SOME WORK BEFORE HELPING YOUR KIDDOS START THEIRS!!)

2- DON'T FORGET ABOUT BREAKFAST AND BEDTIMES!!! Your kids are still using tons of brain power each day and need proper nutrition and rest! Keeping a healthy eating and sleep schedule will not only help with their mental focus but will also help keep attitudes in check!

3- Don't aren't just are STILL MOM!! It's so easy to slip into a "teacher routine" where once "school's out" you check out and "send them home". News flash - THEY ARE HOME! And they still need you to be MOM! So be intentional and spend time simply being mom each day by having a dance party with your littles, cooking a healthy lunch or dinner together, reading aloud to them while they play with Legos, playing a board game, doing a craft or puzzle...the list is truly endless! Even if it means skipping that extra reading assignment today and making it up later this week when their brains are more focused, always remember, even in this crazy new season your #1 role is 100% still MOM! ♥️

If you need any advice, tips or trick on all things homeschool, health, or self care, don't hesitate to reach out! We are all in this together!

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