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"I would have lost heart had I not believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord."

-Psalm 27:13-14

Moments are a funny thing. There are times when it feels like we don't have enough of them and times when we feel like we have too many! In the good times and in the busy times there are NEVER enough. But in the struggles - the times of loss, fear, doubt - when we are being overwhelmed by the unknown - those moments seem so heavy and so numerous. The weight of life is bearing down on us as we try to navigate work and financial stresses. The clock of life seems to tick so incredibly slowly as we wait for the day when we will once again be reunited with our loved ones who have received their heavenly reward before us. And now, even during this time being trapped in our homes, we are fighting ALL the emotions while juggling working from home, homeschooling our kiddos, keeping up with the house AND cherish the family time while trying to teach the kids what it means to use their inside voices and telling them every other minute that we are supposed to WALK on the floor and not RUN on the sofa! Anyone else feel me on that one???

Moments are something we can either dread, cherish, or, at times, disregard altogether and the way we feel about life's moments is ever-changing! We have always loved our job but currently dread going in because we have that meeting at 3:00 that has been weighing on us all week! Though we start the day rejoicing that our loved one is now healthy and whole with our Heavenly Father, we dread living all of life's moments without them by our side and we aren't sure how you are going to survive these long days, years, moments, here on Earth without them. We LOVE our families, but are already about to lose our minds after being trapped inside with them 24/7. It's already been a solid week and y'all....there's no end in sight! Those moments. They drrrraaaaagggg on.

So what do we do? Quit our job? That would likely make those pesky things like paying the bills a little difficult. Plus, you know that after you get that dreaded meeting behind you and a good evening away from the office under your belt you are going to love your job once again and be ready to hit the ground running next week! "Move on" and "just deal" with the loss of your loved one? Ummmm. That's not possible! Moving on is not a thing when it comes to hurt and loss. Lock our kids in their rooms with enough snacks for the next 48 hours and tell them to entertain themselves while you sit and eat bon bons in peace? Though I know some of you mama's are tempted, that is not the answer either! So what is?

ABIDE! When life seems to be spinning out of control. When the weight seems to be more than we can handle. When the battle seems too fierce and the gale-force winds far too strong - that is when we need to take hold of our moments - stop amidst the chaos - sit at the feet of Jesus - and ABIDE!!! If you don't already know, to abide means "to remain stable or fixed" to "continue in a place". This will likely not be an actual physical place. Like I said before - life is always changing! And as we have seen over the past few weeks, life can change hard and fast! Without warning and without our consent! This is why it is so important that we teach ourselves to ABIDE at the feet of Jesus. That in the good moments, we take time to abide, so that we can offer a heart of thanksgiving and praise to our Father and build a firm foundation for when the moments of dread come our way! And that in the times of struggles, we once again take time to abide - remaining "stable and fixed" at the feet of Jesus. You see...He isn't just our constant...He is the ONLY constant! Everything in this world is going to shift, adjust, and change - your job, your friends, your family, and yes even you! IN HIM is the only place that we can truly ABIDE - remaining "stable and fixed" in His power, in His presence, and in His promises.

Lord, we thank you for the gift of moments that you give to us every day! As we learn to surrender our every moment to you, help us to see your hand working and moving in ways that only You can! Teach us, especially in these moments of uncertainty and what feels like chaos, to simply ABIDE at your feet, remaining steadfast and unmoveable in knowing that no matter what You are Good, You are God, and You are Faithful! Amen.

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